27 August 2010

A wee apology!

so sorry I havent posted in a while, hair Fair has got me very busy, but as soon as my items are out on sale, I will work on a new post. Till Then

10 August 2010

Scenes from the Platinum Hunt

The Platinum Hunt started this week, and oh my, what fantastic things a wait you.
each item costs only 10l, which is a steal if you ask me, cos the items in this hunt are fantastic, let me show you

Dress from Tyranny Designs

Outfit from * Deviance *

Dress from Reale

Dress from Swansong

Skin in all pictures from Mynerva, comes with Ears, Eyes and Eyeliner
Hair In all pics is from Magika, You get a fatpack of colors to choose from

Shoes in all pictures are from Heart & Sole. Customisable, with different shoe, gem, trim, nail and skin colors.
All poses from Doll

there are over 100 stores in this hunt so I have shown you just a teeny per cent of whats available!
The Starting point is at ISPACHI
Happy Hunting!!

08 August 2010

Time to clean up your act!!

rub a dub dub, Im in the tub!! oooh with nothing but bubbles to hide my modesty! but lets face it Im not modest!! heheh

The awesome bathtub is a hunt gift from Glitterati, its dead easy to find, right as you land in the store. It has some great poses like my fav one above

These 2 poses also and many more!! It also comes with little bubbles to cover up your bits.

But for my bubbles I used the fab Bubble dress from Pop Feel, its a group gift, so join up in store and click the poster to get your bubbles!!
The fab shoes are the new subo gift from G*Field, and I am sooooo in love.
The other colors can be got at the shoe fair for only 180l, a friccken steal I think!!

The skin is from Luxeskins, totally free when you join the group instore, and touch the bag as you land!! the awesome Keilia hair is from 3636, free too....
now I'm all squeaky clean, shall see ya all soon
Loves Darky

06 August 2010

Im Back with 50l Friday

Hey Gang, back from my little break, all nice and de-stressed and ready to shop!!
This week 50 L Friday has produced some fab treats, but enough of me yapping on, let see some pictures!!!

First is this amazing dress from Surf Couture. I adore this, come in this fab yellow or a fun fresh orange, see slideshow for other color. gotta have this in your wardrobe. Perfect summer dress.

Next is the cute and very cheeky dress from Adore&Abhor called the Sileny dress, its so cute, speshly when ya bend over, cheeky bum shot!! lol

The fab hair worn in all pics is from Tiny Bird, you get all 5 of these fab styles, for only 50l. I have tinted a few of them to my fav ginger color, but they come in many different color packs, see slideshow for picture.

The poses used in all pics are from (with love & squalor) 2 different packs of poses for 50l each. great value.
Skin is from Laq (not 50l)

If that wasn't enough here is some more awesome 50l stuff!!

Landmarks can be got by joining the 50 LFriday Group in world, and checking past notices.
Have a great day everyone, its good to be back!!!
Loves Darky!!!