30 March 2010

DarkerSide of Ganked

Todays SSI gift is this cure summer dress, comes with all you see, including the flats, the chain is by Ganked, comes in two colors plain black and jeweled, i tinted the jewels pink
the hair is the new freebie @ my store, colorchange rose to match anyoutfit, comes in all colors, Skin is new GG from !Iambee

Outfit- Second Style Island (Wear Tag)
Hair - DarkerSide (1l)
Skin - !Imabee- Group Gift
Necklace- Ganked- subscribo history 1

More from Ganked, this beautiful chain, with necklace and earrings, I syled it with a body suit from Vive9, tons of free gift here till the end of the month, and this Gaga inspired hair by Kiki

Hair-Kiki- Free
Necklace - Ganked- Free
Bodysuit - Vive9- Free
Skin - as before

Speaking of Kik, brand new hair store, they have these awesome hairs out for 30l each!! go get em now!

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28 March 2010

Vive 9 Goodies

hey gang, sorry I havent posted in a while, a releative of mine lost her battle with cancer on thursday, and have been too sad to blog. but I logged in today for a while and found that Vive9 have a shed load of goodies for free, so I had to show you!!

1st up the clothing!!

All of which come in many different colors, im just showing you a small selection here. Click on the picture to see it bigger!

the shoes are an easter gift from Baby Monkey, they are amazing, you can change the shoe color and the trim color to any color you like, fully customizable!
the skin is the 1st of many free skins from Vive9, this one is Dakota, lashes by DarkerSide

okay so on to the skins! there are so many skin packs to get, and so many options! hairbase or no hairbase, and many different shades of skin.....im just showing you one shade, but all makeups!! Tons of pictures to follow!!

I love them all!! there is also a shape pack to pick up, and eyes, Im wearing Gem Sea Eyes in all pictures. hair is at Savior Hair from Exile.
however great it is to get freebies, its still sad when its beacause of a closing down giveaway. I love Vive9 skins, miss them terribly.


Savior Hair

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24 March 2010

Mini Post - Skin and Earrings

The beautiful skin is by Tuli, it is called Eva, and is free in the group nitices, but you have to pay 250l to join the group, but it is so worth it

you get 7 different shades of skin from ultra pale to Chocolate brown and 2 clevage options per skin, (Im wearing shade 5)!! that 14 skins for 250l!!
Gift is in the group notices but only for 2 weeks so hurry and get yours

the cute little bookworm earrings are todays gift from Second style island! how friccken cute are they!!

Second Style island

23 March 2010

Golden day summer on the way

Quick post again today, so sorry but there are some cute looks

the white wrap around dress is from BOOM, worn over a cute bikini by Ibizarre
the gold dress and the black wollen dress are both from Gatti

Shoes-Natasha Sandal Gold By Baby Monkey (Group Gift, join group and check notices)
Hair-Hal*Hina = Hair -Haru- [blonde], (join group and touch poster)
Skin -!Imabee:-Vivan Ate My Golden Watch (join group and touch poster)

Baby Monkey

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ps...at the time of posting there was no gift out in second style is,ald!! sowwy

22 March 2010

Short one- Second Syle Island & Piece of Candy

Short Post Today! sowwy!
Click on the picture to enlarge

the chain and bracelet are todays gifts from Second Style Island, its from alaMood, and it is so divine
the skin is in the midnight mania from A pice of candy, pretty huh??
Hair is from yesterdays post.
Second Style Island
A piece of Candy

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21 March 2010

Sunday group goodies!

I have found some awesome outfits today, all from COCO!
all of the items shown can be got instore, by joining the group (free) and clicking on the poster to get the item!!

Outfit 1
Top-Turtle neck Sweater
Pants-Shiny Leggings

Outfit 2
Dress-Shirred Tube Dress In Wine (3 Colors)

Outfit 3
Top- Dress-Shirred Tube Dress In Purple (3 Colors)
Skirt- Ruffle Skirt(Lace-Black)
Braclet- Gift_GemBracelet

Outfit 4

Top-Floral Tank Top with Scarf
Shorts-Athletic Shorts

Shoes in all pictures are from Baby Monkey, Group Gift
Hair is Ingenue :: Myrna :: Ash Blonde @ Savior hair
Skin is by Leafy, in the lucky chair (20min turnaround)

Also in Leafy is this beautiful skin called Strawberry fields, in the lucky board (10 min turnaround)
and 2 lovely shapes, the main picture is my own shape, the other 2 are by Leafy

Finally todays gift from Second Style island are there so sexy boots by -Perse- , yummy

Baby Monkey
Savior Hair
Second Style Island

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20 March 2010

Cute & Girly Avatar with Xstreet and More!!

Yeah, weird title i know, was trying to think of a title to bring all items together!! yeah well I failed! anyway as you can or cant tell, i have some cute girly looks for ye!! this is the cute & Girly bit...
1st up, Swayland , a new shopping district SIM has opened up, and so the gifts come a pouring in
Teleport to SwayLand

The blue dress is from SHIKI, its a group gift, so join and click the poster in store, there is also a male version, the cute lilac dress is a Lucky Board prize from S@BBiA, shoes are throughout the post are from Vignette, all items in this store are free, gotta check it out, skin is Bunny by TIK TOK, Group Gift!! 2 versions in this box, a normal and a teethy version, Hair is by JunWave, free, 3 colors!
Teleport to SHIKI
Teleport to S@BBiA
Teleport to Vignette
Teleport to TIK TOK
Teleport to JunWave

also past of the swayland freebies is this cute yellow Dress is from L`Abel, totally free in store, there is also cute tops with teddy bears on them, worn in second look!
the skirt is a group gift from SMS, join group and check notices, hair is from CriCri, free in store, so many option with theres hairs, love em! shoes as before, skin is another freebie from TIK TOK

Teleport to L'Abel

Teleport to SMS
Teleport to CriCri

Okay so now on to the avatar bit!!as you know the awesome movie Avatar came out earlier tis year, I saw in in 3D, and i loved every minute of it. the story kinda spoke to me, as what we do on SL is not to far away from the movie, I mean we have our little avatar on screen , we control her, dress her, ect.. anyway never mind my ramblin..on to the look

This amazing Avatar is by Unique, you get the skin, shape, ears, tail, eyes, and brow base all for FREE!! OMG! it is so fantastic. the hair is native by DarkerSide(50l), The silks and bow are finds on XstreetSL, free also.
Teleport to Unique
Teleport to DarkerSide
Link to Bow on Xstreet
Link to Silks on Xstreet

And Finally todays item from Second Stle Island!!
This so cute garden set, includes all you see, the cahir has cute sit annimations and it is completely free, join group and touch the box on the floor!
Outfit is another Xstreet Find as are the sneakers, hair is by Govil a new hairstore, it there opening gift, there is tons of free stuff here so check it out
Teleport to Second Style island
Teleport to Govil
Link to Outfit
Link to Sneakers

Thanks For Stopping By, Love Darky

19 March 2010

Finds from Fifty Linden Friday and More!

its Friday again, how the weeks are flying by!!

anyway 1st up is a selection of dresses from Nomine, all 100l, a steal, not sure how long the sale will be on for, so hurry
Teleport to Nomine

Poses are from LAP, as part 50l Friday, Hair is Available @ DarkerSide, in the Lucky Board
Teleport To LAP
Teleport To DarkerSide

I Love this look, the high waisted Skirt is by Ty Zvezda, the top is from the 1st dress pictured above by Nomine, the oh so fab hat is by Split Pea...I LOVE HAT, never going take off, part of 50l Friday also. Skin is Vive 9 (400l)there is huge sale going on so get a great bargain, Boots -McQueen Goth Boots by Hero's of Fashion. Love these boots, want them in RL. Hair By DarkerSide
Teleport to Ty Zvezda
Teleport to Split Pea
Teleport to Vive 9
Teleport to Heros Of Fashion

The Leggings are by SMS for 50l Friday, Shes by Heart & Sole, Mini Clearance Sale 75l a color, yummy! Skin and hat same as above, hair By DarkerSide
Teleport To SMS
Teleport To Heart & Sole

A little Black dress, every girl needs one, dress it up or down,plain or funky shoes, so versitile! this one is by Whippet & Buck for 50l Friday, its so friccken cute, the guitar pose is today gift from Second Stle Island, comes with 5 poses, and looks rocking!
the hat, shoes and skin same as above, Hair By DarkerSide
Teleport To Whippet & Buck
Teleport to Second Style Island

Finally this cute table is from Kookie as part of 50l Friday, love it!
Teleport to Kookie

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18 March 2010

I love freebies with all my Heart and Sole

It all started with a gorgeus pair of shoes!!
These oh so fab shoes are in the midnight Mania @ Heart & Sole, they are so amazing, I love love love them!!
Teleport to Heart & Sole

The pink Dress in the picture is by Aqua, called Daring Deidra in Rose, it an exclusive gift for members of the Fab Free in SL group, you can join in store and click the poster to get your dress!
Teleport to Aqua

All of the above outfits are from Aqua also!
1st Dress - Sizzler - Red- Hunt Gift
2nd Dress - Smarties - Dark - Babydoll -1l
3rd Dress - Summer Of Love #2- 1l
$th Outfit- AQUA - Welcome Gift- Free
Teleport to Aqua

all outfits above are group gifts from S@BBiA
Join the group in store and click on the posters to get your gift...
the cute yellow ANTSY SHIRTS is by Concrete Flowers, comes in tons of colors and in many layers and they are also tintable, which makes them even more awesome! they were sent out in the Fab Free group notices, (great group to be part of), havent seen them in the mainstore but there are tons of cute Ts to get on the second floor
Teleport to S@BBiA
Teleport to Concrete Flowers

Finally we have todays gift from Second Style Island
this beautiful poseable sofa, filled with tons of great male/female poses yours for free, join the group and hit the bag on the floor,
the outfit is a new freebie from G&N, it is so cute and retro, LOVE IT!!
can be worn with ht e top tucked in or out, and with our without the prim cuffs, comes with matching purple shoes yummy
Teleport to Second Style Island
Teleport to G&N

the skin and hair in all picture have being blogged in previos posts

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17 March 2010

Todays Second Style Island Gift


Todays gift from Second Stlye Island, join the group and hit the green box on the floor! also the hairs from yesterday are still there! but not for long
Teleport to Second Style Island

16 March 2010

WhosNose where to find some great freebies....???

I do! and yup its more green (sorry) but green is just the thing at the moment, but Im sure you will still love the post!! everything bar one thing is FREE!!How awesome is that. I has Shoes, skins, hair, you name its here!

So the 1st outfit comes from WhoNose for 50lindens, and i think it is worth every penny, the brightness of the green and the beautiful delicate flowers on the chiffon, its amazing, but its only availible for a limited time so get it now
Teleport to WhoNose

The to die for shoes are from :::LiNe::: for FREE baby, but also for a limited time, so get the now...
Teleport to :::LiNe:::

The cute little Zombie look can be found at Rotten Toe, gross name but awesome clothis! The Skin, outfits and hair in post are a group gift, just join in store and hit the gifts on the shelf to get them, the boots are a group gift from N-Core, same deal, join the group in store and hit the gift in store! there are tons of shoes in here to get, but the boots were my fav, as they can customize to go with ANY outfit, a must have
Teleport to Rotten Toe
Telepot to N-Core

^^All Dresses in this picture can be got at KatatOnik, the green and red Peppermint Katty Dress dresses are in the lucky chair, the lucky butt pants (10l), the Heart Plaid Skirt (which is scriped to texture change)(25l), and the awesome boots (free) are all on the cheapies stand, gotta check it out
Teleport to KatatOnik

For all you Ladies out there this elegant gown from BlakOpal is a must, beautifully textured and seamlessly flowy as you walk, perfect! and for all you daring ladies the very low , (so low you can see a tuft!!) dress is from CandyDolls, hit the Sub-o and claim your prize!
Teleport to BlakOpal
Teleport To CandyDolls

also in Candydolls is this selection of beautful skins, all for free!

They are just above the Sub-o machiene, can miss it, I have being wearing these skins throughout the post!

the hair I have being wearing is from TinyBird, it is todays Second Style Island Gift, join group and click the pressie on the floor, and all 5 hairs are yours,
Teleport to Second Syle Island

Thanks for stopping by, Darky

Click on any Picture to view larger

15 March 2010

A Glam Affiar @ the RFL Clothing Fair

Hey yall, just showing some of my finds at the RFL clothing fair, not only is this a worthwhile cause but there is also some lovely little freebies to find!
ps...the tp will bring you to the central point, so just follow the red arrow to the freebie

Click on picture to enlarge

Dress 1 - Prosm, Teleport
Dress 2 - SYSY’s Parisienne, Teleport
Dress 3 - *GF* Mini Dress -Pink (also in green) Teleport
boots - subscribo from Maitreya (teleport)
Skin - Tuli- Teleport Free
Hair - * RezIpsa Loc * @ Savior Hair - teleport

next is my favorite freebie from the fair, it is this cute little purple fairy dress from Evive's Closet, (teleport), it comes with the beautiful little wings also, I love it

Click on picture to enlarge

^^The skin is by Acid & Mala (teleport), hunt prize, comes with ears and shape (not shown)
Boots are lucky chair prize from Auma (teleport) and the hair is a freebie @ Savior Hair by Curious Kitties

Click on picture to enlarge

The 2 dresses shown are from a huge selection of 10l dress from Glam Affair (teleport) Skin is a new group gift from Imabee, Teleport, hair is a subscriber gift from I LOVE OLIVE, teleport,
boots are from Auma

Click on picture to enlarge

Finaly , this dress is a group gift from Second Style Island (teleport)
Join the group and hit the bag on the floor to recieve your gift!
Skin is another dollarbir from B.Bodenhall @ Smash Face and boots are from Maitreya.

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14 March 2010

G-field group goodies & More

hey gang, i know your gonna be so sick of green by the end of this blog but thats whats going for free at the moment!

1st up these 2 utterly beautiful items by *G Field*, the long maxi dress is so etherial, I love it so much, it just flows as you move, a must have, the chiffon top is beautifully made, perfect with the shoes you recieve as a welcome gift when you hit the subscribo in store!!

this lot is a mix!! firstly gonna tell ya about Enkys, it is a Stroe where some awesome designers have dropped items for you to enjoy, all only for a dollar!! the skin (by Idiosyncrasy) and hair (I love Olive) from the top picture are from there, there was so much to grab!
the 1st & 2nd outfit I got @ Enkys, it is a fatpack leggings and cropped top set 1l each, so many colors to choose from, so i just showed ya 2!!
the 3rd & $th is the new group gift (join and check notices) from Pr!tty, there are 3 notices to collect, one with the 1st out, the next with the second and lastly the boots. skin is the same as above, hair is by Magika, huge bag of free hair at the enterance of the store.

Thanks for stopping by!!