31 October 2010

Happy Halloween - My 100th post!!

This is Shes got the Looks 100th post! woohoo, and what better way to celabrate than having it on my fav holiday HALLOWEEN!!!
now I have shown you some fab scary, bloody, zombie stuff that is going for little or nothing, how bout showing a softer more beautiful side to halloween??!!
well okay then check this fab group gift from Lelutka

It has everything you see in the picture, including shoes, hair, skin and the beautiful navy blur gown! Im in love

the gift also comes with these awesome fangs, that animate your face!!

and dont worry boys, there is a gift for you too!! everything you see in this picture is a in the mens gift, aint he hot!! lol
make sure you have your LeLutka tag on when trying to get these gifts. it is free to join

and finally this, for a softer look, perfect if you wanna be a fairy for Halloween! this gorgeus skin is a group gift from Glam Affair, just fab, check the past notices to get it (there may be a joining fee)
(Lashes by Deviant Kitties)

hope you all have a great and safe halloween.
Loves Darky

29 October 2010

Zipper Skin!!

Idiosyncrasy the store I blogged in my Debie Harry Post have put out an awesome halloweeny skin!

How awesome! Zippers Rock

wanna recreate this in RL, then watch this awesome Video by You Tube Artist Petrilude!

sorry no Fifty Linden Friday Toaday, RL has taken me over the last few fridays, and I have been very busy! so hopefully next week.
Till then enjoy this skin! see ya soon

27 October 2010

Hybies Icon Blogger Challenge

The utter fab-u-las Hybrid Ansar issued us with a challenge!
it was to dress your avatar up as a 1980s icon!! what a cool challenge I thought so here is my bash at it!

I dressed up as the fab Debbie Harry from Blondie

what I am wearing
Hair - The Chills - Powder w/ Black Roots from Lamb
Skin - Idiosyncrasy Justice Valentine Sun-C (not sure if it still available)
Shimmery & Smoke Eyeshadow in Nightblue by KOSH
Lashes by Cake
Chain - Rock N Rolla by Nait Smith
Temp Buttondown Shirt (Black)From Sn@tch
Waist High Leggings in Orange by Vive9
Belt from BareRose
Boots from Xstreet

Hope ya like it.
Check out Hybies 1980s icon HERE and post your responses to this challenge on her page

have a great dat ya'll
Darky Harry!! LOL

24 October 2010

Dead Doll Zombie Girl

Heres an awesome find, just in time for Halloween!
it is by the very talented Aliza Karu for the Zombie Raid Hunt

It come with everything you see in the picture, (shoes by G*Field)
including 2 versions of the skirt
Picture 1 dragging the skeleton

picture 2 hugging the skeleton
(this picture is lighter so you can see more detail of the dress)

the beautiful Castalia Vampire skin is from Glam Affair at the Dressing room costs only 70l, comes with the haunting blue eyes
lashes by DarkerSide - 30l

Aliza Karu AD Creations
The Dressing Room

Have a fab Sunday

23 October 2010

HeartSick Spooky Hunt

oooh one of my fav skin store in SL, who I have blogged many many time HeartSick are having a mini hunt in thier store!!
you are looking for little ghosts all over, inside and outside of the store, some are in very sneaky places!!
so what can ya win!! well....

this dress is in 4 differnt colors, so cute, the hat in either, come with or without a spiderweb. and alsoe the cute ankle boots! such a cute witch
the skin and elf ears are also in the hunt, In 3 different shades.....
(hair from Lamb)

Poison, Wicked and Firestarter! yummy
the hair in this picture is from Crimson + Clover In Space, they are having a 50l closing sale, tons of fab stuff here, check them out.
Poses by Glitterati

have a fun day - Darky

21 October 2010

Dawn Approaches

went for a visit to Nomine today, awesome stuff awaited me!

in the lucky chair they have this fantastic dress called Horrid Sharkfucker !!
one click on the chair and the dress was mine!

also in store is the 20l gatcha machiene, I played and won this hot corset!

hair worn is from Analog Dog, tons of free hair in the hair ball on the beach, grab a colortinter for free, and tint it to almost any color
Skin is from Pink Fuel - 100l
Pose Coffin is free from Glitteratti

now gotta go, I see the sun, dawn approaches, dont wanna turn to ash!! hehe

20 October 2010

I Frick-en love G*Field!!

hahah lame ass combo title!!
but that what this post is about, 2 of my fav stores, Frick and G*Field
Frick has a hunt on at the moment for skins, dress, eyes, sooooo much awesomeness!!

te skin is hat number 9 and the eyes are number 4, they are prim and totally awesome!

the cute dress is hat number 10, the hot boots are from G*Field and cost only 50l!!

here is a close up of the boots!

also at G*field is this oh so cute dress, for FREE!!!!
the hair and lashes are a dollarbie from my store and also comes with a skin

DarkerSide (my Store)

have a great wednesday everyone!!

15 October 2010


I have No 50l friday for ya today, being crazy busy getting set up for Horrorfest!
there is so much awesome stuff to be got at the fantastic event!
here are my items

each hair costs 50l or 100l for the fatpack, which is half price just for the event.
my other items at horrofest include

Crystal lsahes, they glow and have colorchanging tips! for only 30l

and 3 unique DarkerSide Skins, Jokerface, blood tears and Broken Girl, all 50l each, and each come with the hair in the picture and also the shape!!

and I have also put out a gift!!

A preview of a new skin line coming soon to DarkerSide called Curse!!
to visit the darkerSide booth @ Horrorfest click HERE

Visit the Horrorfest blog for more details and pictures of more awesome stuff on sale visit- Horrorfest Blogspot
and I promise i will be back with 50l next week!!

02 October 2010

The dark days are coming!!

okay so the title is a little dramatic, but my fav holiday HALLOWEEN is closing in on us!! I for one cant wait, love this time of year. so to get ya all in the mood for the darkness (muhahahaaa) I wanted to do a gothic post!!
Dilly Dolls have these 2 fantastic dress in thier MM board in store

this one is called Emilie Blue, inspired by the fab Emilie Autumn no doubt!

and this is Amaranth II in Green, fab victorian style gown with cute bunnys on the skirt!

he skin I used is from Skin-I, it is a group gift, so join instore and tap the poster, the fab hair is from Magika, called Delora, you get a fabpack of all colors, plus streak and hair chew option!and its totally free!! awesome!

have and awesome saturday people! Im off to do some RL shopping!
<3 yas! Darky

01 October 2010

50 Linden Friday goodies

here are my favs from this weeks 50l Friday

Dress from artilleri
Hair from Lamb - Tinted copper

Coat from Fir & Mna
Neckbow from Miel
Poses from This is a Fawn

all items are 50l just for today, so get your skates on and get em while there hot!!