02 October 2010

The dark days are coming!!

okay so the title is a little dramatic, but my fav holiday HALLOWEEN is closing in on us!! I for one cant wait, love this time of year. so to get ya all in the mood for the darkness (muhahahaaa) I wanted to do a gothic post!!
Dilly Dolls have these 2 fantastic dress in thier MM board in store

this one is called Emilie Blue, inspired by the fab Emilie Autumn no doubt!

and this is Amaranth II in Green, fab victorian style gown with cute bunnys on the skirt!

he skin I used is from Skin-I, it is a group gift, so join instore and tap the poster, the fab hair is from Magika, called Delora, you get a fabpack of all colors, plus streak and hair chew option!and its totally free!! awesome!

have and awesome saturday people! Im off to do some RL shopping!
<3 yas! Darky


Oriana Kuhr said...

Hi there. Thanks for the post! Actually, the Emilie dress IS an Emilie Autumn dress, and is version 2 of a dress I previously made. And Amaranth II is ALSO a remake of an old dress of mine, AND is an Emilie dress as well, fashioned after her gorgeous victorian gown!

Darkandiel Bury said...

I love the Emile Autumn Dress, bought a fatpack!

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