30 April 2010

This weeks 50l Friday!

My favorite day of my SL week is her again! 50L FRIDAY!! get some great deals from some amazing designers, you would be mad to miss out
so whats on offer this week...

This Tulip Dress in black from So Many Syles, crowned with the beautiful hair from Clawtooth called The Seas Met in the shade Blinding

then we have the fabulous Simple Cropped Bustier form Whippet & Buck in 7 cute colors
also worn is the Clawtooth hair in AutumnMix. the beautiful flowers are from ::SPLIT PEA::

This cute summerey dress from Doppelganger Inc

This piggy plug ears are from AITUI. they come with a HUD to match your skin tone and change the color of the pig, and yes my skin matching fails!!!

Then we have a fantastic gift from Magika! a full fatpack of Morning Hair, I have shown you just a few of the awesome colors in the pack of over 30 colors, wont be stuck for an awesome style!!

Lastly a non- 50l Friday Item these 2 HAWT dresses are Midnight Mania giftys from OoEas! just had to show ya, cos I love them
All the poses used are from Long Awkward Pose also a 50l Friday Item
The skin I used in all pictures is the Sayuri gift from Tuli, still in group notices but not sure for how much longer

Thanks for stopping by loves Darky

29 April 2010

Watch as I desend the Stairs

Short one today, as for some people SL is borked beyond belief!!
anywho, just wanted to show you a few goodies, like this OH MY GAWD yummy burlesque corset, from Pink posh

Best thing is it can be yours for nada!! Win it in the Lucky Chair! there are many colors to win, like this black one, and a hot pink.
the goergeus Hair is a subscribo gift from Amacci, I love the color, I have gotten very fond of red tone hair lately, I used to wear nothing other than black!!

The poses I used are from Body Behavior thanks to this amazing spiral staircase poser, it has 24 differnt poses at different parts of the stair..and it is FREE!! so get your skates on!!

Burlesque Corset - Pink Posh
Hair Lil - Dark Copper - Amacci
Stairs Prop - Body Behavior

Not Free
Shoes - [PM] Baby T Plain: Black - Pixel Mode
Skin - :GP: Petal [Dark] Winter-Coal 2 - Curio
Thanks for stopping by- Darky

27 April 2010

A Glam Affair

I blogged about Glam Affair before here, as you know from that post they have a HUGE discount section, everything is 10l!!
There is skins of every shade, clothing and undies, even a section for your male friends. today a new selection of stuff went on sale, here is a look see.....

Skin is also from Glam Affair Discount section.

The Shoes I have on are a group gift from N.Core, join the group and hit the gift bag on the floor
Teleport to Glam Affair
Teleport To N.Core
Hair and Lashes from my store DarkerSide

Thanks for stopping by, have a great day, Darky

25 April 2010

Sylish Sunday

Found some very stylish dresses for yous today, get all glamed up on a budget of practilly nothing!!

This Dress Leonidas is amazing, buy the picture on the desk HERE for free
can be worn with the sock and lace layer or without, I love the soft pick of the roses contarsting the drker pink of the top. IN LOVE!!

This cute Fairy type dress is free at Vita's Boudoir, its so dreamy

This cute grey dress is from So Many Stlyes and can be got at the Dressing Room, a discount store from top desingers, some gret stuff here, but this dress was my favorite, it is only 50l, Check out the Dressing Room

Next we have this beautiful white chiffon dress from =Zenith=, it is a group gift, but you can join in store, and smack the poster on the wall to get it

Also in =Zenith= they have 2 lucky board that change every 3 mins, this Pink Dress was on of the wins I got, its so adorable, yet very stylish

Also got this cute sweater in the Lucky Board in black or purple
The skin in all pictures is a group gift from Glam Affair, join the group for 50l and check notices
Hair is a fatpack freebie from Truth
Shoes from Kookie (not free)
have a great sunday, thanks for stopping by, Darky

24 April 2010

Project Themory - Week 3 - Hollywood Glam

This weeks theme for project themory is HOLLYWOOD GLAM!!
My kinda theme, I love the glamour of old Hollywood, and the beautiful actress from this era.
The offerings from this week amazing so lets start...(all items cost 75l)

The Dresser - tocador le vintage is from rbcg
Comes with or witout the objects on it
The Directors Chair in sitting on is from {what next}
Comes in pink or black
the Hollywood lady dress is from +mocha+

The Hollywood Glam Dress is from Posh
Hair is by Mustache
Skin is by Glam Affair, part of the Zombie Popcorn Hunt (free)

A lot of the stores this week were offering sunglasses, but by far therse are my favorite
get them at Intrigue Co

Thanks for stopping By ... Loves Darky!!

23 April 2010

50 Linden Friday Stuffs!!

Hey Gang! here some stuff from this weeks 50l friday
Hair from Tiny Bird
Shorts & Bikini Set from Reek
Sandels from Surf Couture

Behind The Bars top From Piddle
Opposites Attract Shirt from Scribble

Itty Bitty Tangas -12 Colour Pack from Leauge
Leg Tattoo - Sugar Rush - by Katatonik
Hair from [Ploom]

Pink Avatar from Plastik
Includes dress, skin, eyes, pants, gloves and tattoos
Hair from Deviant Kitties (20l)

Close up of skin and eyes from the pink avatar set from Plastik
Thanks for stopping By! Darky

22 April 2010

Scenes from a Zombie hunt!!

I dont normally blog about hunt, but this one had so much awesome stuff how could i not!! the hunt starts at Zombie Popcorn HQ and travels throughout over 80 stores. So here are some of my favs from the hunt!!

Dress from LeeZu
Skin From Plastik

Dress from paper.doll

Dress from A-Bomb

Boots from Duck Nipple
Skin from !Imabee

Dress from Kim

Skin and Outfit from DeeTalez
Hair in all picture is from MADesigns, (I have tinted it in some pictures)
Thanks for stopping by and enjoy the hunt.... Darky!!!

So Many Freebies and Group Gifty

Back up a ton of stuff to yas, dresses, skins boots...you name I gots it.... but enough blabbing....
First 8 awesome group gifts from •*★LP Design★*•
Join the group in store and with your tag active hit the boxes on the floor....here is what ya get

*LP* Kisu dress
*LP* Dress Red Rose
*LP* WOW Jeans & Top
**LP** White silk boots

*LP* Glance dress
*LP* Silver dress
*LP* Party dress
*LP* Satin & vest strip

Some awesome gifts from Candydoll
Join the subscribo and both gifts will be sent to you
Summy Black/White Cadou
KiniDiva White

Skin (also worn in above pictures) is from [KA]
Boots are an awesome new Sub-o gift from G*Field,
join Sub-o also, and check history in both stores

Finally 2 more dresses
This yummy gold dress is a new group gifty from Mirrors*
Blue dress is from A Touch of Ireland,Comes with a tanned skin for only 1l
Boots are a new group gift from COCO

Skin and Boots close up!
Hair is all pictures is free from [V] Vignette
availible in some great colors, and so many more styles.
Have a gret day everyone
Thanks for stopping by Darky....

18 April 2010

Pretty Goth!

Short post dudes, wont be back till thursday! Sorry RL is hectic, so this is a quick outfit i put together to tide ya over!!

Dress from K2K United Enterprises for 10 Linden

Skin Sayuri Group Gift from Tuli- 250l joining fee
Hair new Dollarbie from my store DarkerSide, hair and dreads are colorchange so can be worn to match all outfits

Boots Hoorenbeek - free for sub-os 200l if not a subscriber
Necklace Group gift from Ganked, not sure if it is still availible.

thanks for stopping By Darky

16 April 2010

Its a circus out there

2nd posting... wooo, told ya id make it up to ya for being absent! anywho
some great stuff for free or a dollar today, delish undies, sultry gowns and cute dresses, all tied with a big circus bow! okay onto the pictures

Dress is a Group gift from Azul...teleport here
Join the group and click the sign in store,

These super sexy undies are a Dollarbie from SELDOM BLUE, how hot are they, can be worn with or without the suspenders, teleport here

this cute babydoll dress is a new group gift from Talisman, join the group and check the notices, teleport here

and finally this amazing gown from PHOENIX RISING, can be got at Le Cirque for the handsome sum of 1 linden!! Le Cirque is amazing, a huge circus event choc a bloc with the best SL designers doing thier take on circus fashion, go check it out here
The Skin in all pictures is a new group gift from &Bean, join group in store and click poster, comes in many differnt eyebrow colors, teleport here
shoes are by In Her Shoes, telport here, 100% free dude!
hair is from Philotic Energy for the CAH hunt blogged here, teleport here

Thanks for stopping by... Darky