29 April 2010

Watch as I desend the Stairs

Short one today, as for some people SL is borked beyond belief!!
anywho, just wanted to show you a few goodies, like this OH MY GAWD yummy burlesque corset, from Pink posh

Best thing is it can be yours for nada!! Win it in the Lucky Chair! there are many colors to win, like this black one, and a hot pink.
the goergeus Hair is a subscribo gift from Amacci, I love the color, I have gotten very fond of red tone hair lately, I used to wear nothing other than black!!

The poses I used are from Body Behavior thanks to this amazing spiral staircase poser, it has 24 differnt poses at different parts of the stair..and it is FREE!! so get your skates on!!

Burlesque Corset - Pink Posh
Hair Lil - Dark Copper - Amacci
Stairs Prop - Body Behavior

Not Free
Shoes - [PM] Baby T Plain: Black - Pixel Mode
Skin - :GP: Petal [Dark] Winter-Coal 2 - Curio
Thanks for stopping by- Darky


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