26 February 2011

52 Weeks of Color Challenge: Week 17 - Electric Lime

Still waiting for baby!!
little one doesnt want to come say hello!! oh well least I got to blog the color challenge this week
I dont have any LMS cos i just dont have time to add them, but the stores should be found via search
so here is my Electric Lime Look

What I Am Wearing
Shorts - Green Mist by Barerose
Goggles & Belt - Black Spot by Barerose
Neck Brace - Sureibu (1) Collar by Cobrahive
Gloves - Black Beath by Etched
Shoes - 00H10001 by Roots
Pasties - Undress by RunoRuno

Skin - Judy Plasma Gun by Staged
Hair - Cyber by DarkerSide
Tattoo - Saga by Etched

Next week the color is Ecru!!
If you wanna join in on the color challenge here its easy, post your looks on Lunas Blog or on the Flickr Stream!

keep ya updated about baby, been induced on monday!!
till then have fun! Darky

19 February 2011

52 Weeks of Color Challenge: Week 16 - Teal

its week 16 of Luna Color Challenge and the color is TEAL! my most favorite color EVER!
seem to be stuck on a burlesque/zombie/dolly look!
but meh, I just love this dress so much I dont care, so here is my look

What I'm Wearing
Dress - Emile in Teal from Dilly Dolls (Hat and Cuffs included)
Boots - McQueen Rose Boots from Chapeau tres Mignon

Skin -Zombie-Femme-Stage Two - [The Plastik]
Hair - RockinRolls - Red eye flight from Clawtooth
Lashes - Thorn By DarkerSide

as you can see im blogging!! means baby hasnt arrived yet! 4 ays over due now, i'm so fed up waiting, feel like a whale!! but he or she will come when ready!
anyway, hope ya like my TEAL look, next weeks color is ELECTRIC LIME, so look forward to some cyber looks!!
If you wanna join in on the color challenge here its easy, post your looks on Lunas Blog or on the Flickr Stream!

ill keep you updated about the baby on Plurk! so add me.
have a great saturday

13 February 2011

Baby is almost here!

My reason for closing up Darkerside my hair store, and blogging a lot less is almost here. My 1st baby is due Febuary 15th, 2 days away. so as you can guess RL has been crazy busy for me, getting all my new momma things and hospital visits
I am just over the moon to become a momma, it has been a life long ambition of mine, and now its only 2 days away.

Hopefully my little boy or girl will arrive on time!
we have no preferance over gender, as long as its a healthy baby, so if ya dont hear from me for a while, you know the baby has made an apperance, I will update on Plurk when the wonderful bundle of joy arrives. so add me if your interested, click the box to the side there ---->

so hopefully my next post will have some baby news, 2 days and counting......... till my next update
stay well , happy and safe

Skin - Elena by Laq
Hair - Avav By Truth in Carrot
Knickers - Leauge

12 February 2011

52 Weeks of Color Challenge: Week 15 - Red

Its Valentines Week for Lunas Color Challenge! which means its time for a red look
for mine I didnt go all lovey dovey and romantic, after the great success of my black look from last week I decicded on the alternative Valentine look - Burlesque Zombie Style

What Im Wearing!
Dress - Dans l'amour Peau From by La Femme - 25l
Belt -Geisha Leather Belt - Red  by  *Fishy Strawberry* - 50l
Stockings - Moth Stocking in Red by Rotten Toe - 80l for pack of 7
Boots - Short Lace-Up Boots from *G-Field*
Necklace - Barbed Heart Necklace by Wild Style

Skin - MICA ~ Aluka  By  [the oBscene] (Past Gift)
Eyes - visions of death - Rotten Toe Group Gift
Makeup - Bedazzled by Adam & Eve
Headress - Lets Swing by Glow Studio @ The Dressing Room
Hair - Cynthia- Whiskey Mix by Exile @ The Dressing Room

so thats it! hope ya like it, next weeks color is TEAL!! My Fav
I realy hope to get to do a look, getting closer to baby due date

to join in the fun, post your looks in Lunas Blog or on Flickr
have a great saturday , I will keep you posted about my baby news!

11 February 2011

50 l Friday - Dressed up Glam!


What Im Wearing
Dress - Kyoot - He Loves Me Best Dress -50l Item
Chain - Fly Me Away Amore From Leauge - 50l Item
Shoes - Jaguar- Pixel Mode Gift
Hair - Kendra- Garnet from Exile (free)
Skin - Spirit : Bliss : Antique Kiss (C / F) from Heartsick at FabFree HQ (free)
Poses - Real Women Have Curves - Olive Juice - 50l item

05 February 2011

52 Weeks of Color - Week 14 - Black

It is black week in Lunas Color Challenge, and what a look I have for you! Black is one of my favorite colors, I know so dark dude, but I decided to go all DEMONIC on your ass!!
Here is my Look

Boots - McQueen Goth Boots from Heros Of Fashion
Horns - Sinner by Hexed on Marketplace
Outfit - Black Devil from Bare@Rose  (only L$155)
Includes the wings and all attachments, such a steal, I adore Bare@Rose

Skin -Jadis - Natural - DAMA by Glam Affair @ The Dressing Room
Eyes -  Shadow - Aurora by Ibanez Eyes
Hair -  Venice Hair by MrS

I love being all demon like , much more fun than all dressy dressy, gonna wear this look all day!! lol
so thats my BLACK look, hope ya like, next weeks color is RED! Just in time for Valentines day! which means my baby wil be here soon!

to join in the fun, post your looks in Lunas Blog or on Flickr
have a great saturday , I will keep you posted about my baby news!

04 February 2011

Who said beauty costs millions....?


Skin - Prida(2)LB/winter from Mother Goose - Lucky Chair
Hair - Kendra in Copper by Exile - Free Fatpack

Not Free
Lashes - Mozz
Eyes - SmoothGlow Eyes in Celtic by  Ibanez
Shape - My Own