27 October 2010

Hybies Icon Blogger Challenge

The utter fab-u-las Hybrid Ansar issued us with a challenge!
it was to dress your avatar up as a 1980s icon!! what a cool challenge I thought so here is my bash at it!

I dressed up as the fab Debbie Harry from Blondie

what I am wearing
Hair - The Chills - Powder w/ Black Roots from Lamb
Skin - Idiosyncrasy Justice Valentine Sun-C (not sure if it still available)
Shimmery & Smoke Eyeshadow in Nightblue by KOSH
Lashes by Cake
Chain - Rock N Rolla by Nait Smith
Temp Buttondown Shirt (Black)From Sn@tch
Waist High Leggings in Orange by Vive9
Belt from BareRose
Boots from Xstreet

Hope ya like it.
Check out Hybies 1980s icon HERE and post your responses to this challenge on her page

have a great dat ya'll
Darky Harry!! LOL


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