16 April 2010

Its a circus out there

2nd posting... wooo, told ya id make it up to ya for being absent! anywho
some great stuff for free or a dollar today, delish undies, sultry gowns and cute dresses, all tied with a big circus bow! okay onto the pictures

Dress is a Group gift from Azul...teleport here
Join the group and click the sign in store,

These super sexy undies are a Dollarbie from SELDOM BLUE, how hot are they, can be worn with or without the suspenders, teleport here

this cute babydoll dress is a new group gift from Talisman, join the group and check the notices, teleport here

and finally this amazing gown from PHOENIX RISING, can be got at Le Cirque for the handsome sum of 1 linden!! Le Cirque is amazing, a huge circus event choc a bloc with the best SL designers doing thier take on circus fashion, go check it out here
The Skin in all pictures is a new group gift from &Bean, join group in store and click poster, comes in many differnt eyebrow colors, teleport here
shoes are by In Her Shoes, telport here, 100% free dude!
hair is from Philotic Energy for the CAH hunt blogged here, teleport here

Thanks for stopping by... Darky


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