18 March 2010

I love freebies with all my Heart and Sole

It all started with a gorgeus pair of shoes!!
These oh so fab shoes are in the midnight Mania @ Heart & Sole, they are so amazing, I love love love them!!
Teleport to Heart & Sole

The pink Dress in the picture is by Aqua, called Daring Deidra in Rose, it an exclusive gift for members of the Fab Free in SL group, you can join in store and click the poster to get your dress!
Teleport to Aqua

All of the above outfits are from Aqua also!
1st Dress - Sizzler - Red- Hunt Gift
2nd Dress - Smarties - Dark - Babydoll -1l
3rd Dress - Summer Of Love #2- 1l
$th Outfit- AQUA - Welcome Gift- Free
Teleport to Aqua

all outfits above are group gifts from S@BBiA
Join the group in store and click on the posters to get your gift...
the cute yellow ANTSY SHIRTS is by Concrete Flowers, comes in tons of colors and in many layers and they are also tintable, which makes them even more awesome! they were sent out in the Fab Free group notices, (great group to be part of), havent seen them in the mainstore but there are tons of cute Ts to get on the second floor
Teleport to S@BBiA
Teleport to Concrete Flowers

Finally we have todays gift from Second Style Island
this beautiful poseable sofa, filled with tons of great male/female poses yours for free, join the group and hit the bag on the floor,
the outfit is a new freebie from G&N, it is so cute and retro, LOVE IT!!
can be worn with ht e top tucked in or out, and with our without the prim cuffs, comes with matching purple shoes yummy
Teleport to Second Style Island
Teleport to G&N

the skin and hair in all picture have being blogged in previos posts

Thanks for stopping by, Darky!


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