16 March 2010

WhosNose where to find some great freebies....???

I do! and yup its more green (sorry) but green is just the thing at the moment, but Im sure you will still love the post!! everything bar one thing is FREE!!How awesome is that. I has Shoes, skins, hair, you name its here!

So the 1st outfit comes from WhoNose for 50lindens, and i think it is worth every penny, the brightness of the green and the beautiful delicate flowers on the chiffon, its amazing, but its only availible for a limited time so get it now
Teleport to WhoNose

The to die for shoes are from :::LiNe::: for FREE baby, but also for a limited time, so get the now...
Teleport to :::LiNe:::

The cute little Zombie look can be found at Rotten Toe, gross name but awesome clothis! The Skin, outfits and hair in post are a group gift, just join in store and hit the gifts on the shelf to get them, the boots are a group gift from N-Core, same deal, join the group in store and hit the gift in store! there are tons of shoes in here to get, but the boots were my fav, as they can customize to go with ANY outfit, a must have
Teleport to Rotten Toe
Telepot to N-Core

^^All Dresses in this picture can be got at KatatOnik, the green and red Peppermint Katty Dress dresses are in the lucky chair, the lucky butt pants (10l), the Heart Plaid Skirt (which is scriped to texture change)(25l), and the awesome boots (free) are all on the cheapies stand, gotta check it out
Teleport to KatatOnik

For all you Ladies out there this elegant gown from BlakOpal is a must, beautifully textured and seamlessly flowy as you walk, perfect! and for all you daring ladies the very low , (so low you can see a tuft!!) dress is from CandyDolls, hit the Sub-o and claim your prize!
Teleport to BlakOpal
Teleport To CandyDolls

also in Candydolls is this selection of beautful skins, all for free!

They are just above the Sub-o machiene, can miss it, I have being wearing these skins throughout the post!

the hair I have being wearing is from TinyBird, it is todays Second Style Island Gift, join group and click the pressie on the floor, and all 5 hairs are yours,
Teleport to Second Syle Island

Thanks for stopping by, Darky

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