01 April 2010

Bunny Cuteness

so much cute stuff on the gred at the moment...SPRING IS IN THE AIR...
bunnys, eggs, chick...freeness!!
1st up a cute selection of dress

Dress 1 is by Frick, there is an easter egg hunt going on find 8 eggs, pay 1l per egg, mostly skins (pictures below) but this cute dress is hidden amonst !
Dress 2 is by OoEas! , tap the midnight mania to be in for a chance to win it
Dress 3 is by Talisman, join the sub-o in the store and check history 1

The bunny ears, nose, hair and whiskers are by DarkerSide, Dollarbie til april 4th, and the shoes are by In her shoes, toatally free...ps all shoes are free here!!

Here is a close up of the yummy skin and shoes. the skin is a new gift from !imabee...join group and click poster in store, the beautiful jewelery set is from Ganked, tap the MM to be in for a chance to get it.

And here is the upclose of the Frick hunt skins.


In Her Shoes

Thanks for stopping by, Darky


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