10 April 2010

Teal is the way to go

Friccken love teal! my favorite color, might have guessed as mu store is colered in it! lol
2 yummy teal dresses, a cute black and red one and HAWT undies!!
Teleports at the end of blog

1st up is this fab dress, it is todays Second Style Island gift, and is so divine! join the group in world and hit the box on the floor and I love it, I have teamed it up with the new sub-o gift shoes from Heart & Sole, these shoes are so amazing, they come with a HUD which makes matching skin color so easy, also nail options.

Teal dress no.2! is from Talisman, its a sub-o gift so join in store and hit history no.1, it comes with this belt that colorchanges, so pretty, and a close up of the shoes by Heart & Sole

This yummy dress is a new group gift from PARALLEL LOVE, join the group for free in store and touch the poster! I Love it.
now for some hawwt undies.....

the Dragon undies are from :: Sindecade :: for free...nada...silch...thay are so hot, come in all 3 colors shown, and can be modified to remove the sleeves, aint they HAWWWT??

The hair used throughout the post is from D!va, join the group in store and touch the picture to recieve it, the hair comes in 3 differet styles and many colors, I'm wearing Amber, the skin a a group gift from ICONIC, comes in 4 shades. so sultry...LOVE IT!!

Todays Teleports
Second Style Island
Heart & Sole
:: Sindecade ::

What a great freebie day...Thanks for Stoppin By...Darky


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