14 May 2010

50 Linden Friday- May 14th 2010

Friday is here again, so that means 50l FRIDAY!! whoop!
very summery theme with nearly all stores!!

This gorgeous dress called St Augustine Dress in Champagne is by Tiny Bird, I adore this dress, so summery but very classic, the hair called Postcards from Italy in the color Golden Auburn is also from Tiny Bird, there is also a brown version on offer and a cute unisex style, check slide show below for picture

This awesome summer set is from Reek! It has many sock options and a prim foot option for the sandals. there is also a male version, check slide show below for picture

The cute panda bikini and skirt outfit is from Kataonik, love the bikini its so retro looking!! awesome!

OMG!! I love this bracket, get it in HOD, comes in both male and female sizes!

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Have a great Friday - Darky


NIkki G. said...

Your pictures would come out better if you didnt wear such a bright face light, and use windlight settings. Also you may want to anti-alias and quality settings. Just a tip :-)

Darkandiel Bury said...

thanks Nikki

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