08 May 2010

Another Saturday Post....

I was going to put this post in with the project themory post but though it would be best to seperate them.Some beautiful stuff to show you, but its a short post!

Remember the Black .:i *Tow* i:. drees from thursdays post and i said there was a white dress for free, Truth be told I couldnt find it! then i realised! DUH!! Its a group Gift, join up and check notices!!

So here it is, the white dress from .:i *Tow* i:., join Group in store and check past notices!!!
The Hair is from Shag - for this weeks Project Themeory, it s 75l, comes in 3 shades and also with the cute tree holding pose

This Supersexy Body-Suit is a group gift from Oceane's, it has many attachments (not worn in pic), so it can also be worn as a babydoll, cute as hell and in my fav color!!

Also @ Oceanes is this gorgeus skin, join the group in store and hit the poster at the enterance of the store, I love this skin

Thanks for stopping By, Lots of Love Darky!!!


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