03 May 2010

Monday is Aqua, not Blue

Hey everyone, yup its Monday, and this is the 1st monday blog i have done in a while, My hubby is away, so the mouse will play! LOL
Got some great stuff today, nothing over 100l

I got a 100l gift card from Aqua in the Subscribo yesterday so I swooshed by and picked up this fab dress called Swans Song, It only cost me 80l beacause of the gift card. It can be worn like this as a full gown like above

Or a short dress like this, Boa also comes with this outfit

Also in Aqua I picked this dress called Ever Song in Teal, only 10l. there are tons of great stuff and gifts here so head on over and check it out, make sure to join the Subscribo when there, always have great gifts.

This cute dress can be got on XstreetSl here for only 99l, It is from Tart and is a promotional dress for thier new line called Nikita. on the ad you will see other color options for 300l, so this is a great deal, grab it now.

the Gorgeous skin is a group gift from .::I CE COCO::., join group in store and check past notices
The hair is in all pictures is from the ever awesome Magika as part of the new Magik Monday offer, its called Juliette and its in the Black & White color set, only 20l till the end of the day.

Thanks for stopping by , happy monday, Darky


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