01 May 2010

Project Themeory - Week 4 - Fabulous 50s

YAH!! I love saturdays,cos of Project Themeory, just as much as love 50l Friday, but project Themory is different, each store taking part stick to one theme, each item costs only 75l, this week was the fab 50s!! another fav era for me, so here is my favorites from this weeks offerings

First up is this Polka Dots Grandma's Dress dress from Acid & Mala , it can be worn in many ways, like this with the poofy beled skirt or.....

...as a tight fitting sexy dress, also has a fab white included to wear with this version of the dress if you desire.

This sweet Betty Lynn Dress is from Gato, I love poofy skirts, but this one just rocks for me, i love the bright bold design on it..I feel so retro

The Goodbye Norma Jean (ready for them all) and Goodbye Norma Jean (bathroom hopelessness) skins are from {Strumpet}- 75l each, I did have to ajust my lips on my shape slightly cos the lips are so full and lush, but still amazing
The Hair is from Ploom, comes in 2 shades Sweedish and Chocolate.

Finally is my absolute fav from this week, this Swanky Space-Trailer from
The Sea Hole, it is 145 prims of pure awesomeness, beautifully textured, furniture included and some brilliant animations like these....

This a must buy for me! amazing! (okay shut up Darky They get the point!!)

Thanks for stopping by as always, have a great saturday.Darky


Sui Mode said...

How cute pics Darkandiel :)

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