19 June 2010

Project Themeory - Week 11- Childhood Nostalga

this weeks blog is a bit rushed, I have tons of plates spinning, and didnt not want to blog today.
so sorry bout the quaility of this entry

here are the items out this week

and this is what you get

rbcg. - Corn Popper
Mustache - cute Ponytail Hair
Intrigue Co. - Mr. spudman, poser!
Pig Shop - jumpsuit in many colors
[what next] - poseable play seat
Dustarrz - Suede wallet
Duboo - Sippy Cups
Posh - T-shirt
Atelier AM - rucksacks
+mocha+ - Skirt
Veschi - Not Out
LG Femme - Not Out
{theosophy} - Headphones
theory. - Lemonade stand and shield and sword toy
Young Urban - T-shirts
{MV} - Pyjamas

For landmarks, search the for the 1st store, see the poster in the store for PT, join group and check notices.
apologies again
Have a nice weekend - Darky


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