12 November 2010

Fifty Linden Friday

sorry its so late, but its Friday again, and can mean only one thing!!
yup, awesome stores put out an awesome collection of fabness for 50l!
so whats on offer this week, well there is so much to show you, but Im going to show you 2 of my favorites!

1st is this goergeus gown from Callie Cline, I feel so snow queen looking in this, I adore it

next is my new fav shoes (not cos they are green) but they are just so stylish, from Kookie!

The Skin I have on is from Plastic Flowers, and is only 1l!! as is all there skins in store right now!
and Hair is by Clawtooth Past (50l Friday hair)
I feel so romantic and magical today!! getting the Xmas spirit I guess!!
Have a great Friday everyone
for more 50l friday items check this website --->The Rumor


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