26 February 2011

52 Weeks of Color Challenge: Week 17 - Electric Lime

Still waiting for baby!!
little one doesnt want to come say hello!! oh well least I got to blog the color challenge this week
I dont have any LMS cos i just dont have time to add them, but the stores should be found via search
so here is my Electric Lime Look

What I Am Wearing
Shorts - Green Mist by Barerose
Goggles & Belt - Black Spot by Barerose
Neck Brace - Sureibu (1) Collar by Cobrahive
Gloves - Black Beath by Etched
Shoes - 00H10001 by Roots
Pasties - Undress by RunoRuno

Skin - Judy Plasma Gun by Staged
Hair - Cyber by DarkerSide
Tattoo - Saga by Etched

Next week the color is Ecru!!
If you wanna join in on the color challenge here its easy, post your looks on Lunas Blog or on the Flickr Stream!

keep ya updated about baby, been induced on monday!!
till then have fun! Darky


Shayariel Teardrop - http://shayariels-world-of-sl-fashion.blogspot.com/ said...

Hot Stuff!

LisaMun Aronowicz said...

Very cool!

Rudhmellowen said...

Awesome pics as always, you're definately someone I look forward to seeing... Good luck on Monday, hope all goes smoothly!!!

Eliza said...

Unbelieveably fantastic! Love the combination of hair and skin! All the best on Monday!

Anonymous said...

Rocking look! I love it! GL getting that little one to come out!

Laila Laperriere said...

Youch sexy mama..this rocks!!

Annomis DeVaux said...

great hair :)

Anonymous said...

I almost grabbed that hair too. :-D Good luck on Monday!

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