14 November 2010

52 Weeks of Color Challenge: Week 2 - Blue

Luna Jubilee is doing a challenge each week, to do a look inspired by a color, last week was grey, this week is blue!
So I thought I would give it a bash
to read more check out Luna Jubilees blog here
Credits after the pictures

Dress - Barerose - Mahamayuri Dress
Shoes - Heart & Sole - ROYALTY Past MM special
Skin - Glam Affair - Past Group gift
Makeup- Kyoot - Smokey (Turquoise)
Hair - Curious Kitties - Nyanotech 09-1B Hair - Maen V2 free from Savior Hair
Jewelery - $GaNKeD$ - Michi Jewelry Set in Blue - Past Gift

hope ya like - Darkandiel


Shayariel Teardrop - http://shayariels-world-of-sl-fashion.blogspot.com/ said...

Very pretty <3

Luna Jubilee said...

YAY week 2! that's a great dress

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