13 February 2011

Baby is almost here!

My reason for closing up Darkerside my hair store, and blogging a lot less is almost here. My 1st baby is due Febuary 15th, 2 days away. so as you can guess RL has been crazy busy for me, getting all my new momma things and hospital visits
I am just over the moon to become a momma, it has been a life long ambition of mine, and now its only 2 days away.

Hopefully my little boy or girl will arrive on time!
we have no preferance over gender, as long as its a healthy baby, so if ya dont hear from me for a while, you know the baby has made an apperance, I will update on Plurk when the wonderful bundle of joy arrives. so add me if your interested, click the box to the side there ---->

so hopefully my next post will have some baby news, 2 days and counting......... till my next update
stay well , happy and safe

Skin - Elena by Laq
Hair - Avav By Truth in Carrot
Knickers - Leauge


Sui Mode said...

Wow time over Darky...

LisaMun Aronowicz said...

Wow sexy mum:-)) And so happy for you!!

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