29 December 2010

Skin Gifts !!

Xmas is the time for giving, and yes I know I'm a bit late posting this, but just wanted to show you some of the beautiful skins that are free, cheap or gifts at the moment, and there are tons, but here are some of my faves
(be warned lots of pics to follow!)

Paris Xmas Skin from ***Chaisuki*** - Free
worn with lips tattoo that is also free, tons of gifts around the Xmas tree here

Jadis Light - Gold A from Glam Affair - Group Gift
30l to join but you get 5 skin tones, with light or dark brows

Ice Queen From Curio - Join group for free, check notices
you get 5 skin tones, with or without freckles

Candycane from Heartsick - Free
3 skin tones, with freckles and cleavage options

Vilda Xmas Gift From LAQ - Subscribo gift
you get 7 skin tones with light or dark brows

Trudy from Mother Goose - Lucky Board Prize
There are tons of skins to win here

Joceline Xmas from *YS&YS* - group gift in store
you get 4 skins, one basic, hair base, cleavage, cleavage & Hair base,
freckles tattoo layer and 11 shapes!

Annnnd if that wasn't enough from *YS&YS* there is also a fab chain and the awesome boots have on as a gift too! spoilt I tells ya
the dress is a subo gift from Peqe
and the gorgeus sparkly hair is free from Exile, it has a little halo on top, but I edited mine out!!

so there ya go, no excuse for having bad skin, tell your new SL residant friends to check out this blog, and help them out with some yummies.
till next time! Happy Shopping!


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